Art + Technology Lab at LACMA

Kyle Dunphy serves as the Senior Director of the Family Office Practice at EFG Capital Advisors, Inc., an investment firm he joined in 2008. His specialties include asset management, risk management and tax mitigation strategies. In addition to being passionate about helping his clients, Kyle Dunphy supports various not for profit groups such as LACMA, MOCA and Doctors Without Borders.

The Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has offered a diverse range of artistic presentations since its establishment in 1965. The museum has also provided a variety of hands-on programs for children and artists. Recently, the museum established its Art + Technology Lab for artistic experiments uniting the arts with technology.

Although the LACMA Art + Technology Lab only began to call for artistic proposals in 2014, its history dates back to 1967, when the museum first instituted its Art and Technology program. That program lasted from 1967 to 1971, and involved collaborations with local businesses to assist artists in their technological endeavors.

These days, the Art + Technology Lab at LACMA offers grants and other support to assist artists in creating innovative works. The museum announced its first series of awards for the program in May of 2015.